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Arise Roots, Iya Terra and Ital Vibes


Casa Sorrento Pizzeria
393 Salinas St 93901 Salinas United States
Rising up from the streets of Los Angeles, ARISE ROOTS was assembled with the common goal of bringing a unique, modern interpretation on roots-reggae without compromising the true message and feel of roots music. Founding member, Ron Montoya, was determined to recruit an all-star cast of musicians who were appreciative of 1970’s style reggae and in 2010 the band was formed. After a vigorous search, Arise Roots became host to six veteran musicians who had already made a name for themselves through performing in numerous local reggae bands and backing various reggae legends coming into their area.
As the genre of Reggae music is continuously evolving, Los Angeles, California, based IYA TERRA has found a way to take the messages of traditional Roots-Reggae and seamlessly mash them up in a today version. The young group of musicians have chosen the name Iya Terra, meaning “Higher Ground,” as the launching pad to create positive, conscious music while spreading messages of anti-establishment, simple living, and a healthy lifestyle. Their modern approach to the music, high-energy performances and full sound add a new dimension to traditional Reggae that appeals to an audience of all ages, opening the doors for them to be labeled as one of today’s leaders in the “New Roots” movement.
A collaboration of Roots Reggae driven young artists hailing from South Bay, CA Created ITAL VIBES to spread truth and originality in Reggae Music and its origins. We love and respect Roots Reggae Music and its culture. This is a genre that all of us have either been raised with or came across and experienced Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually together. Our passion and destiny lies within Roots Reggae Music and our goal is to expand furthermore the commercialized minds of this nation for the youth and all human beings. Nothing and no one is perfect but we all have a choice to Do Right.

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